Amabella Review : Reduced Damage Though Lipopeptides And Vitamins

Options for maintaining a glowing and naturally radiating appearance are many but it’s hard to say if they are safe or not. Amabella promises to be the safe and cost effective, topical solution. Find more about this product in depth here.

What is it?

This is an aging protective topical formula, designed to soothe skin of the aging damage and develop elasticity. It is made for removal for impurities, blemishes and spots from epidermal layer and is helpful in maintaining natural skin texture. It also claims to reduce skin cell deterioration, along with boosting cell repair ability. Statistical results include

  • 327% enhancement in collagen IV synthesis
  • 267% boost in Hyaluronic Acid synthesis
  • 117% development in Overall collagen


  • Reduction of wrinkles
  • Decline in puffiness, discoloration
  • Enhancement in skin moisture along with collagen
  • Plumped and tightened skin
  • Enhanced skin cell damage protection and repair


The manufacturer website provides ingredient information as Lipopeptides and Vitamin E.

How does Amabella work?

  • Lipopeptides or Micro collagen aids skin health via
  • Deep wrinkles surface decline by 68%
  • Furrow density reduction by 47%
  • Wrinkle volume control by 36%

It assists in skin protection externally as well as internally and keeps collagen development up. Lipopeptides (Palmitoyl Pentapeptide 3) are fatty acids and amino acids composition and enhance elasticity stimulation within skin. It further enhances Fibronectin, collagen and reduce aging breakdown of skin to further boost firmness of skin.

Vitamin E is highly effective for maintaining fast recovery of skin cells. It is well known for its regenerating properties but other than that, it also aids in skin lubrication and develops Hyaluronic acid within skin to reduce cracks, creases and dryness.

How does it work compared to other aging solutions? Is it really important to use such an anti-aging products, won’t a normal product work fine as well?

Compared to other products that offer vitamins and peptides, Amabella is far more effective. Amabella has proven ingredients along with the regenerating vitamin E that doesn’t wash off or is unstable. Vitamin C and A are not so effective for topical use since they may irritate the skin and are unstable and don’t dissolve into skin. Thus they are no use unless their chemical composition is altered. However, vitamin E works just fine when it comes to dissolution into skin cells and epidermal protection. It causes no irritation and Lipopeptides further enhances the hydration, making it a stable solution.

Also, because damage caused because of maturity of skin cells, lessened growth and repair, collagen is too much, normal products for younger skin won’t provide the benefits needed.

How to use?

Use Amabella every day after cleansing on face, chest and neck morning and before sleeping. Don’t forget the SPF before heading out.

Results may take time to show the effects and time taken may be 4-5 weeks. Proper reduction in wrinkles may take longer, 4-8 months.

Why use Amabella?

It has the perfect combination of Lipopeptides and reviving vitamins which makes it a perfect skin renewal solution. Furthermore, it seeps inside skin fast and leaves zero percent residues. The fragrant is mild and it is healthy for all skin types in additional to be cost effective and safe (side effect free).

Why not use it?

The problem is of availing it because it is only available with online orders.

Side effects

There are no side effects for the product however sensitive type women are recommended a patch test.

Is recommended?

Users who don’t mind placing orders online can use as Amabella is effective and useful in the long run. It doesn’t even irritate the skin and has the perfect balance of hydrating and nourishing ingredients. It is recommended for sure.

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