Beginner Tutorial for Applying Eye Liners

This tutorial will help all you beginners get good at putting on eyeliners. It can get scary you know. Putting on eyeliner without having a steady hand. Then, you have to worry about the design you want to use. Relax, we know what you need and how to do it. Its easy if you take a back seat and try while relaxing. Its only when you try while your stressed that it gets hard. Follow these little steps from us and you will be an expert eventually.

First, Gather All the Materials You Need

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The very first thing you do at the best drugstore liquid eyeliner or whatever store you go to, is gather all the materials you need. What you need is not that much so relax. You just need liquid eyeliner, pencil eyeliner, make up shadow, and eyelash curler. Now, the eyelash curler and the make up shadow is not mandatory. You really only need the pencil eyeliner and liquid eyeliner. Buy these two things and your good.

You can gather the materials at any store you can afford. The liquid eyeliners get better as you up your budget. The pencil eyeliners are pretty much the same because its pencil. So, there is no reason to freak out and think you need all this stuff. You are a beginner and as a beginner you need to get the lowest things you can get. Practice with those things first and overtime you can up it up to better make up materials. Some people will judge you for being cheap and if they do oh well. The people do not control your path. They are just in the path. Use what you can afford.

Next, Draw the Snake On Your Eye

The basic design of the eyeliner is the snake design. Used by many business women around the world. If you walk into the best drugstore liquid eyeliner store, you will see at least one women using that style. Its a very common style and easy to start with. Start with this eyeliner design style. They call it the snake style because you draw a line on your eyelid like a snake.

To apply this style, you got to first wash your face. Then you go to the mirror and pick up a liquid or pencil eyeliner. Close the eye you want to put eyeliner on and leave it closed til finish. Start slow at first. Draw a line from one corner of your eye to the other corner. Draw line by the eyelash on your eye. Right above the bottom and top eyelash of your eye. You can use small strokes while you do this to make it easier to draw it on your eye. Wait, make sure the line is small and thin. The first snake line you draw on your eyelid should be small and thin. If you want to add in more depth, add another line on top of the first small thin snake line. Do this for the top and bottom part of your eye lid. Once you finish making the line from one corner of your eye to the other, then you wait for the eyeliner to dry. Do not move the closed eye until the eyeliner is done drying up. If you use pencil eyeliner it drys faster. You can add some translucent powder to the end result eyeliner to make it smudge less on your face. That tends to help with that. Once you start using eyeliner frequently, all this crazy word use will make sense. Try and you will understand.

Last, Create the Wing at the Outside Corner of Eye

Now the eyeliner snake is on there, you have the option to add a wing to each eyelid. To add in the wing, you need your eyes to be open. Your eyes must be fully opened. Ok, then you move to the outside corner of your eye. The corner that is not near your nose. Be careful here. You got to be steady and try not to poke yourself in the eye. Alright, draw a little wing that connects the outside corner of your eye and eyeliner. The wing should be aiming upward in a smooth motion. Look at some pictures online for more detail. You want this part to be sharp because if its crooked, it will look really bad when you go out. Make sure its sharp and try to make it the best you can get it. Do this and all the guys will be over you.

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