Bright Essence Review: Spot Free Appearance That Is Not Plagued By Fine Lines

Collagen loss along with dryness, Weakening Skin cells trigger patchiness within skin that initiates unhealthy skin texture. This leads to wrinkle generation and free radical cell, UV exposure only adds to the damage. Under eye damage is caused because of hyper-pigmentation in blood, fatigue, stress, aging, damage to the epidermis etc. Bright Essence claims that it is the ultimate value for money solution for all these problems. Explore the products here.

What is it?

This restoration range for matured skin comprises a formula for Age repair and an under eye serum. Both of these products for revival of aging skin and relaxation in damaged skin. Under eye serum provides skin with Sun protection and Age repair formula aids in fast removal of sun damage from the skin.



Age repair formula has Micronized Diamond powder with Vitamin C (Stable) and Lavandox.

Ingredients of Eye serum contain Regu-Age PF with emollients and other protecting ingredients.

How do Bright Essence products function?

In the Eye serum, purified rice and soy peptides are included along with comprises yeast protein. This blend aids in cleansing blood circulation that develops oxygen supply around the eyes. Thus with reduced stress and better oxygen, the skin cells develop and skin looks radiance through improvement in the darkened areas. The formula also suppresses elastase, collagenases to reduce the loss of collagen.

In the Age repair formula, Lavandox enables epidermal reconstruction to allow for protected and glowing skin appearance. Lavandox further keeps muscle fiber contraction under control so expression wrinkles are not formed. Diamond powder functions as the exfoliator that rids skin of dead skin along with sun damage. It also helps in removal of wrinkles as Vitamin C aids in regenerating of skin cells thus fighting off the free radical cells.


Can these be used separately? Who shouldn’t use it?

Both of the products are best at functioning when used together but as per individual preferences, these can be used separately too. Also, users who have sensitive skin type should not use Age repair as it has Vitamin C which can be irritating for the sensitive skin.

Bright Essence Pros

  • potent Under eye and overall Facial formula
  • Exfoliates, rejuvenates and protects (Three in one function)
  • Money back guarantee
  • USA manufactured
  • Effective, proven ingredients
  • No risks associated with topical usage
  • can be used on all skin types (except sensitive for which women should consider patch tests)
  • Show better results when used together (gradual results when used individually)


  • luxury products
  • Not available outside of Canada and USA


How to use Bright Essence?

Age Repair is for moisturizing purpose so should be used every day in morning, afternoon (if need arises) and then evening (before sleeping). It’s important to cleanse face first before applying it. Also, it should definitely be applied when using makeup and going out.

Then, Eye serum should be applied on the eyes. Women can use the eye serum once or twice a day and reduce application as results become more satisfactory. When using eye serum, women are suggested to relax the eyes and allow for full absorption of the serum.

Can these results be improved?

The best way to maintain healthy skin is by leading a relaxed, stress free life with healthy habits like maintaining a regular sleep cycle, high intake of antioxidants containing food so internal repair of cells and boost in health can occur. All women and men should always use SPF in all seasons to keep the damage of UVA/UVB rays at minimum.

Is Bright Essence Recommended?

In authentic testimonials, users said that they received results in as less as 5 weeks and were glad about not getting side effects.

Bright Essence is a luxurious skin care investment but it is recommended for its high results and positive feedback.

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