Essence Of Argan Review : Anti-Aging, Pure Essential Oil For Long Term Results

Fast becoming one of the most in-demand luxury skin products, Essence of Argan is a product that most women have been crediting their youthful radiance to. Here is some all the information on this apparently amazing product that you may want to know before you choose to buy it.


Young skin is naturally tightened but older skin is not. Several factors such as reduction of collagen, connective tissue depletion, etc result in skin dryness and aging. Often women turn to using Essential oils such as pure sweet almond oil or Extra Virgin Coconut oil instead of cosmetic creams and serums to relive skin of the damage. Argan Oil also promises similar outcome and has been found to be potent source of regenerating antioxidants.

What is it?

Essence of Argan is 100% organic and pure Argan oil that is made from cold pressed Argan kernels. This plant oil has zero chemicals and even with an oily consistency, it seeps inside the skin without leaving a greasy residue. This essential oil has been around for ages but is now being marketed widely due to its anti-aging properties.

What concerns does it take care of?

It functions as a potent Moisturizer, leave on conditioner (for the hair), Nourishing toner for the face and body skin and can be used in DIY-homemade facial masks, Exfoliating face scrubs and masks, hair mask etc. It is also helpful in keeping hair shining and smooth with its strong amino acids, protein and numerous nutrients content. Furthermore, it also softens the Cuticles and heel and relieves in the cracks on the skin.

However, the biggest benefit that this all in one beauty solution gives is its anti-aging benefits.


Essence of Argan contains 100% pure amount of Moroccan Cold Pressed Argan Oil in its most natural form.


What skin type is this luxurious product manufactured for?

Since it offers a mix of emollients and humectants for moisture purpose and doesn’t leave any greasy finish and also cleanses pores, it is suitable for all skin types.

However, women with inflammatory skin concerns must first seek consultation from dermatologist.

Directions to Use

It should be gently massaged on face after cleansing twice (morning-overnight) or users can apply another overnight product along with this oil.

It can also be used for massaging onto body for some extra nourishment.


How does Essence of Argan work?

80% of cold pressed, organic Argan Oil is covered by fatty acids. Fatty acids function as building blocks for the protective layer of the skin cells thus these help in maintenance of skin tissue’s natural protection.

As the protective layer/membrane gets thicker, skin cells don’t allow impairing toxins to permeate through or even leak out any nourishment-moisture. This strengthened membrane allows improved ability to keep moisture inside the skin.

Furthermore, the oils aids in 1000% increased moisture retention so elasticity within skin tissue also develops and skin becomes smooth, tightened. Fatty acids included in the skin don’t clog pores and prevent sebum accumulation thus relieving skin of any greasy residue.

Vitamin E content of the Oil also makes perfect for enabling better revitalization while antioxidants such as Polyphenols, Cartonoids and sterol directly initiate skin cell growth.

Pros and cons

Essence of Argan has cold pressed, 100% additives free organic oil that is Eco Certified and suitable for cosmetic usage on all skin types.

In fact, the oil also has reputation for being a Medicinal product and this brand of Argan oil offers cost effective, pure essential Argan oil. It doesn’t even trigger any breakouts and works for lifelong application on younger as well as matured skin for all aging, moisture and nourishment related concerns.

However, a disadvantage is that like many other essential oils, it is costly and since it has Moroccan Argan kernels, it costs even more.

However, it is the perfect luxurious skin care, anti-aging solution and is useful for long term. Thus, Essence of Argan is recommended.


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