Shave Your Bikini Area Completely Using These Techniques

Making your bikini area come off is something on to itself. You get a razor and the best shaving cream for bikini area. Apply nice little swipes on it. See a new face down there. A pretty smooth face that makes you feel young and reminds you of that one time in the woods. Looking young and making the world around you bend is the prime reason to shave it. Now, sometimes I skip shaving to be lazy and try something more animalistic. But, in the end, I want that princess look that has innocence burred in it. Feel the purest you have ever felt and make men see you as that little high school girl again. And, you have a nice look for wearing a bikini at the beach. Provided that, you should join other women and shave your bikini area. More to know and read below.

best shaving cream for bikini area

Decide What Style You Want for Private Area

About 3 different styles exist for pubic hair shaving. First, we have the traditional shave every piece of hair off. This requires you to shave everything off with a razor. Use the best shaving cream for bikini area when you are doing this. One little mishap can cause a huge stain. Next, we have the one line trim. Probably seen it on some adult film. Some women want to make a straight line on their private area. One  trimmed line is in the middle with the rest of the private area shaved. Roughly, a few hundred women believe the line helps them attract more men.

Personally, I am not sure if it is true, but it does make you more tribal. In ancient times, people use to perform all sorts of acts to show some kind of status. Moving on, trim the hair with a pair of hair clippers. Hair will be really low. Low like a man who cuts their hair down to the scalp and let it grow for a week. If you want hair but not too much, then you should try this method out. It could give you the hair you need with little maintenance. Small hair is easy to wash and take out bacteria. To add, the smell is far lower when your pubic hair is trimmed.

Apply Cream and Warm Water

To make those burns go away on private area, use shaving cream with a sharp razor. Friction occurs often in the bikini area. Smear the cream on it with each shave to make the friction not cause problems. Otherwise, you will have bumps appearing out of no where. Nasty little bumps they temp you to scratch too. I know whenever I get a bump in my private area I want to scratch it. Know I shouldn’t be doing it but it feels so good. Can’t resit the urge to scratch my delicate private area and damage all skin that is very smooth. By the way, the skin you scratch down there does not go away fast. Once the bumps appear down there, you find them there for the next 2 days. Prevent the scratching, by using shaving cream for bikini areas and a razor.

Take Your Time Shaving Weekly

Most importantly, you need to take your time when you travel down below. This is not the skin on your face or arm. Its much much sensitive and capable of tearing. Ignore the schedule and take your time with the shave. Make each stroke slow and easy. You should perform shaving activities like this during late nights. This way you have time to take your time. Never want to do this during the day. The time will not be on your side with all the standard adult things you need to do just to make it through the month. Whatever you do when shaving below, do not rush it because it will cost you.

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